FabricaLab was founded in 1998, with the aim of offering solutions and services capable of providing an effective response to the IT priorities of companies.

Co-make your business, the institutional pay-off, summarizes our mission to the best: to realize projects and solutions able to enhance the specificity of each company and support the Customers-Partners in the development of their business, accompanying them over time with guarantee of quality and professionalism.

FabricaLab has its headquarter in Sesto Fiorentino, in the immediate vicinity of Florence and an operational headquarters in Cernusco sul Naviglio, near Milan.

Through the ability to design, implement and support ad hoc solutions, integrated if necessary with third-party solutions, we are able to meet the needs of each company.

The consulting aspect is our main strength, thanks to the great ability to analyze strategic processes and excellent implementation capabilities, which make it possible to stand out for the management of the services ‘value chain’.

This is thanks to a team of professionals who make available their know-how and their experiences, with an applicative, technological and global support services offer, which allows the client companies to have an information system constantly adequate to their growth needs.

Our offer partners are selected to guarantee both functional and market coverage of our offer. The search for partnerships is an ever-evolving process just like the revision of our proposal.

Not just solutions. Our service structure, in fact, takes customers by hand in the post-start phase, guaranteeing a high level of service, helping users to better use and understand the solutions adopted, thus favoring the success of the initiatives themselves.

Our Mission

“FabricaLab is active in the market of software, solutions and ICT services and operates nationally and internationally, offering companies innovative and personalized contributions for a better management of business processes.

The company aims to provide manufacturing and service companies active in the sectors of Fashion & Luxury, Utilities, Tourism, Retail, etc. application maintenance services, integrated projects and products, ensuring the best quality realization.

FabricaLab is a leader in the Business Intelligence segment and operates in the most advanced technological fields such as the Internet of Things, the Cloud, Big Data and Security, carrying out complex projects on behalf of clients, from the definition of requirements and specifications to delivery. going through development, design reviews, integration and final validation. “

“We want to be strategic partners of our customers, in achieving common results.
Making a concrete contribution to the improvement of business processes, thanks to the value of our skills, our services, our solutions.”


A.D. FabricaLab S.r.l.

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