Leader in simplifying the approach to the world of Big Data

Cloudera® provides a unique platform for accessing Apache Hadoop services in the Big Data environment. Therefore, Cloudera® offers companies a unified repository in which to store, manage, analyze and keep all their data safe, configuring itself as the first unified Big Data platform built on Apache Hadoop. This unified data repository consists of a standard server cluster, with a high level of scalability and flexibility, with important effects on cost containment, and represents a sort of “active archive” which can be accessed at any time.


Cloudera® does not replace any existing technology, but adds an additional layer of technology without adding another level of complexity to the system. Hadoop, as is well known, is made up of a set of projects that make new data management methods possible, mainly affecting how these can be stored, processed and analyzed on a very large scale.


The Hadoop ecosystem can be very difficult, being a set of complex modules to configure and manage. This consists of multiple modules, such as Hadoop Common, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Yarn and MapReduce, just to name the most well-known. Although they are all open source modules, they have the complexity of having to be assembled, unless a ready-made distribution is used: Cloudera proposes CDH, or Cloudera Distribution Hadoop, as well as a series of additional products such as the instrument of Cloudera Manager management. As a corollary of this, there are a number of additional services, which represent the true strength of the company, such as professional services, consulting, training courses and above all certification.

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