BIMAIL ® is a web-based tool designed to distribute, through the same e-mail information generated by QlikView® and Qlik Sense® charts, reports, sheets and tables. The addressee list can be customized, profiling each of them according to the information needed. It is also possible to cycle the pieces of information in the e-mail over a Qlik® dimension, so to automatically generate the same objects with a different filter value for every creation.


Thanks to the revolutionary Smart Slide feature, BIMAIL® can populate templates with table object, charts and enrich your slides with texts, so to get a complete and flexible attachment as a result.

BIMAIL® simplifies the process of extraction of graphics’ and charts’ images from Qlik® files and allows you to instert them directly into the e-mail’s body. This not only makes the access to information easier, it also makes it quicker.

The product can send the reports, generated in Qlik®, in PDF format, while the table objects are available in XLSX.


BIMAIL®extracts the data directly from the original source, opens your Qlik® file and replicates your selections. Then it forwards the information to a specific list of addressees.

Once the attachments are created, it is also possible to save them directly either on File System or on FTP, without having to send them.

Copy the data you need within a Qlik® file. There is no need to recreate formulas and expressions every time you need them.

The procedure to import contacts is already integrated in the product.

It is also possible to schedule each and every task as time- or event-triggered, may you require to regularly generate reports.



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