The creation of eye-catching and complete layouts has never been this easy, using BIREPORT® to give data a smart look to make them easy to read and accessible to all types of users. BIREPORT® dispatches reports via e-mail, Mobile Apps (ISO and Android), filesystem and ftp. It also allows publishing these reports in a specific document portal, so that the user can download what needed in the most suitable format.


First of all, it’s a powerful development environment, based on a solid enterprise architecture which allows developers to create pixel perfect reports, export and share them in the most common format or make them accessible via web in HTML5 format.

Secondly, it connects to various sources to insert your data into eye-catching and articulated layouts, and then it shares the result to all kinds of end-users.


This versatile tool does not affect the workload of the sources thanks to an external data structure, which regularly stores only the data needed to generate the report.

Therefore, there is no need to cointinuously access the Building Intelligence System or the Data Warehousing system.

Reprot generation and distribution can be scheduled, and it is also possible to filter the by size or according to the user’s need. BIREPORT® is a multichannel platform for report consultation, since it makes them available through File System, Client Locale, Web Client, Mobile App (iOS and Android) and a document portal as well.



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