Corporate Performance Management

Fabricalab develops projects in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) area.

We work alongside CFOs, Controllers, CIOs, Supply Chain Managers and with all company managers, identifying company objectives, from collection to control of final data and comparing them, translating them into automated processes and effective and consistent software solutions. of the Enterprise range.

We therefore provide management with the ability to analyze company performance and its evolution over time by producing Dashboard and Scorecard, Reporting and analysis scenarios of “What-if” simulations using the most suitable tools for the result and of greater appreciation for the ns. customer.

The company areas where we develop projects are:

  • Economic, Patrimonial and Financial
  • Profitability and margins
  • Product and overhead costs
  • Logistical and service performance
  • Productivity and development of human resources

thus integrating the economic-financial vision with the operational and service one, in a single mobile application and technology environment.

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