Analysis made simple. Data, mind and heart for better choices.

Data, mind and heart for better decisions.

Discovery Hub® is a new revolutionary approach to data discovery that simplifies the world of BI self-service while keeping under control the flow of information. Access and navigation to one’s data are now easy for all business users. It is now possible to entrust data analysis to automated processes, letting the IT departments free from the burden of a repetitive and difficult tasks.


Discovery Hub® is a smart solution to make data integration easy. Even if your data come from a wide range of sources, Discovery Hub® easily integrates them in single document. This tool not only quickens the upload and the tracking of the data, it also automatically generates the mandatory privacy policy documents. With this product and the visual tools of your choice, you will have the full power of Business intelligence at hand. It’s astonishing how, with Discovery Hub® it all becomes easy:

  • Offering users complete access to the data they, when they need it;
  • Adjusting to unexpected changes;
  • Managing governance, security and control;
  • Decreasing substantially the number of IT service requests.


Discovery Hub® can be a solid base for a great analytical environment. If the data are well organized and validated, then everyone involved in the project is speaking the same language. The work environment, then, can assume any shape or size and still be safe and controlled, within the margins of a self analysis service compliant to the present laws. The opportunity of real-time analysis of huge data clusters is one of the key features, together with the responsive workflow for the creation of reports and dashboards. Available in Cloud, On Premise but also within mixed solutions.

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