Identity and Governance Administration

Fabricalab realizes projects for Identity and Governance Administration

Fabricalab is a partner of One Identity, a world leader in the topic that develops top-of-the-range technologies to help organizations manage Identity and Access Management.

Digital relationships need to be strengthened by connecting trusted users directly to trusted applications and at the same time preventing fraudulent access and session hijacking.

Trusted identities are the foundation of Identity and Governance Administration, providing a simple and straightforward digital experience and the highest level of security that customers, employees and partners expect.

Fabricalab and One Identity realize projects for Identity Governance, Access Management and Privileged Account Management that facilitate and secure the “digital transformation” of their customers.

One Identity solutions eliminate the complexities and long processes often required to manage identities, manage privileged accounts and control access. With our solutions, you can improve the agility of your organization as you face IGA challenges from local, cloud and hybrid environments.

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