Fabricalab realizes projects for Identity and Governance Administration.

Fabricalab is a partner of One Identity, a world leader in the topic that develops top-of-the-range technologies to help organizations manage Identity and Access Management.

One Identity

Eliminates risks from corporate identity and access management


Manage access to local, cloud and hybrid resources, from request to execution for users and data
Reduce risk by providing users with only the access they need
It satisfies the audit and compliance initiatives with certification / recertification policies
Put decisions on accesses in their place: in the hands of the business
Leverage existing investments and infrastructure and grow from there

Traditional IGA(Identity and Governance Administration ) frameworks are expensive to complete and require a lot of time for implementation and maintenance. Moreover, in most cases they fall on the shoulders of the departments

IT, which typically deal with the entire lifecycle management of users’ identities. To meet the diverse IGA requirements of every business unit, IT often works with a tightly focused set of security tools and policies and relies on manual processes for its application. This makes the environment vulnerable, increases risks and makes it difficult to meet SLAs.

To increase productivity, you can give users access to the data and applications they need to do their jobs, and nothing more.

You will be able to mitigate risks, protect data, meet uptime and compliance requirements, allowing users access to the data and applications they need. Now, identity and access management (IGA) can

be guided by business needs and not by IT capabilities. With Identity Manager, you can unify security policies and meet governance needs today and for a long time in the future.

The solution to improve business agility today and in the future is a modular and scalable IGA solution.

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