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Increasing turnover, research and development activities, staff expansion, new offices and imminent release of the official version of PCube. From Fashion & Luxury, the strategy extends to other verticals.

Turnover 2018 at 5.8 million euros, showing strong growth over the previous year. This is the important result obtained by FabricaLab in the last fiscal year. The Sesto Fiorentino (FI) system integrator employs about 100 people today. “Currently, activities related to business intelligence make up 80% of our turnover” – explains Giulio Meghini, CEO of FabricaLab. “The market in which we are working mainly is that of Fashion & Luxury, from which 80% of our revenues are derived”.

Fashion & Luxury is a historical sector for FabricaLab. “Our first customers worked in this area, so we have developed more and more skills and created solutions for this market segment” – explains Meghini. “While remaining well positioned in the Fashion & Luxury area, we also want to grow in other areas”. Since last year FabricaLab has activated an organizational consultancy path based on a three-year plan, leveraging three directions: business intelligence, custom development and strengthening of the PCube software solution, orchestration of processes for the structured population of analysis models. The PCube solution – of which the official version will be released in 2019 – is applied in those processes where it is necessary to collect data from heterogeneous and distributed sources, certify and consolidate them according to rules, respecting the organizational structure, allowing analysis at various levels of detail . Examples of application of this solution include the budgeting and planning process, the collection and certification of sales data, the analysis of margins and the processes previously managed through innumerable Excel sheets, with few guarantees of the validity of the data and poor control on the process.




The growth path of FabricaLab also passes by research and development activities. The company works with complementary companies to offer a business intelligence offer that also considers new strategic areas. An important partnership is with Centric Software, a specialist in PLM area. FabricaLab also collaborates with the universities with the aim of giving skills and preparing people potentially ready to strengthen the company workforce.

“Last year we won with the Tuscany region an important call for research and development for the construction of a 4.0 business intelligence system” – says Meghini. “This means working with new technologies, with the cloud, with the Internet of Things and with the information that travels in the Internet world, starting from social media, to integrate them with the standard information of traditional business intelligence. Through PCube, the intention is also to build an architecture that allows companies to exploit big data, using business machine learning technologies “.


Recently FabricaLab has inaugurated a new headquarters in Sesto Fiorentino, which occupies an area of ​​750 square meters of roof, to which are added two large terraces used as relaxation area and dining room. The headquarters, which replaces the previous one, no longer suited to meet the company’s growth needs, includes 4 large open space rooms, 4 meeting rooms and 5 offices. FabricaLab is also planning to open new offices in strategic regions such as Lombardy and Veneto. Meanwhile, the company has started a project to strengthen the commercial area. The inclusion of Paolo Caffagni as sales and marketing director is an important part of this project. “Paolo Caffagni has a great experience” – comments Meghini. “With him we started a path of presentation of the company in market areas where previously we had not hoped to arrive”.

Source (IT): Datamanager
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