Application development

We are specialized in the application development of solutions to support business processes, through expert functional and process consultants, and a team of developers able to cover the entire software life cycle using AGILE / SCRUM methodologies or by adopting specific customer methods.

Our solutions are designed according to principles of abstraction from the execution environment using containers and thus allowing deployment on both on-premise and cloud data centers. We use the recent frameworks for web-based component front-ends such as Angular, Vue, KendoUI, and Java and C # languages ​​for server-side components.

In a purely cloud environment, we also offer serverless solutions that allow you to make full use of the potential of these environments. As part of the application development we have also gained experience in creating product extensions for the platforms: . Tableau .
QlikSense  .
Finally, the experience gained allows us to reuse many semi-finished products made in different areas and therefore optimize the release times.

Proprietary Products:

PCube is Process Tracking and Automation software in the area of Corporate Performance Management with data collection and processing, analysis and reporting functions, intended for administrators, controllers and operators. It allows the structured population of analysis models providing the tools to draw the model, define the data that compose it, the rules that validate them, the sources that feed it, the process by which to feed it. Pcube is applied in processes where it is necessary to collect data from heterogeneous and distributed sources, such as the budget process and the collection of sales data.

Partner Products

We are always looking for solutions that can integrate our offer, so as to provide our customers with an effective response to their needs. The selected products are evaluated by our technical department. Once selected, a learning process is started that allows customers to offer a complete solution, product + service, to guarantee the success of the project.
In general, the services offered include:

integration with existing systems
installation and start-up
assistance for use.

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