Machine Learnig and Data Mining

The knowledge obtained by identifying patterns and correlations between information, the use of predictive analysis and inferential models to support business processes, is increasingly a key factor of success and competitive advantage that takes the form of greater effectiveness in market penetration, efficiency of business processes , optimization of administrative costs, reduction of potential reputational risks damage or legal actions, improvement of the relationship with the customer and his satisfaction, increase in the quality and value of the goods produced.

The 360 ​​° experience gained through years of experience in the world of Business Intelligence puts us in a position to work with functional and process consultants, data scientists, data engineering and application developer and application integration experts, making us an enabling factor for the implementation of solutions in the field of machine-learning and data mining.

Our Machine Learning and Data Mining experts operate in compliance with the CRISP-DM methodology, covering the entire process of delivering a solution from the initial phase of Business Understanding to that of deploying and integrating into business application systems, also accompanying the customer in the monitoring phases of the accuracy of the models and their improvement.

We can mention some of the experiences gained in various fields in the implementation of classification, regression, clustering and profiling solutions, such as:

    • Retail: forecast of the optimal stock thresholds on the sales network for the replenishment of continuous products
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): predictive analysis of customer behaviour (Life Customer Value) and analysis of the buy-back propensity
    • Operation: models for forecasting plant maintenance and alarms for reporting anomalous access to payment devices
    • Finance: forecast models of sales results and margins

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