According to data from the Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Observatory, promoted by the School of Management of the Polytechnic of Milan, the Big Data Analytics market grows in Italy, which in 2018 reached a total value of 1.393 billion euros, with an increase in 26% compared to 2017. A result that confirms the positive trend of the last three years, in which the sector has grown on average by 21% every twelve months. Companies have gained awareness on the topic and have turned it into infrastructure investments, experimentations and projects in production

However, the gap between large companies (the real engine of growth) remains very wide, with 88% of total spending and SMEs, which represent a small market share, stopping at 12%.

45% of the expenditure in Analytics is dedicated to software (databases and tools to acquire, process, view and analyze data, applications for specific business processes), 34% to services (software customization, integration with company information systems, process redesign) and 21% to infrastructure resources (computing, server and storage capacity to be used in the creation of Analytics services). Software is also the area with the highest growth (+ 37%), followed by services (+ 23%) and infrastructural resources (+ 9%).

The challenge will be to adopt Fast & Smart solutions: capable of analyzing data in real time by integrating various streaming information sources and quickly responding to business needs, based on intelligent learning mechanisms, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, which identify patterns and correlations present in the data and transform this knowledge into concrete actions that allow companies to gain a competitive advantage. source Digital 360 Group /

Mauro Bellini

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